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12.edycja - 17 październik 2023, Warszawa, Elektrownia Powiśle


Exercise 2 - Family Law - Prawo Rodzinne (level: upper-intermediate)

(1) Fill in the sentences with the verbs given below in an appropriate form live, terminate, commit x 2, assume x 2, extinguish, exercise, request, grant, sentence, owe, file (2) Create nouns or adjectives from the verbs in square brackets.

“Married persons (a) _____________ each other fidelity, support, and assistance.

Spouses mutually (b) _____________the moral and material direction of the family, (c) _____________ parental authority, and (d) _____________ the moral and material obligations resulting therefrom.

Marriage (e) _____________ upon: the death of either spouse, divorce, a judicial declaration of its _____________ [NULL - NOUN] (...), the _____________ [ISSUE - NOUN] of a court order authorizing the spouse of a person presumed dead to remarry, as provided by law.

(...) [A] divorce shall be (f) _____________ on the petition of a spouse upon proof that:

(1)  The spouses have been (g) _____________ separate and apart continuously for the _____________ [REQUIRE - ADJECTIVE] period of time, in accordance with Article 103.1, or more on the date the petition is (h) _____________;

(2)  The other spouse has (i) _____________ adultery; or

(3)  The other spouse has (j) _____________ a felony and has been (k) _____________ to death or _____________ [PRISON - NOUN] at hard labor.

The cause of action for divorce is (l) _____________ by the reconciliation of the parties.

In a proceeding for divorce or thereafter, either spouse may (m) _____________ a determination of custody, _____________ [VISIT - NOUN], or support of a minor child; support for a spouse; injunctive relief; use and _____________ [OCCUPY - NOUN] of the family home or use of community movables or immovables; or use of personal property.”

The above is an excerpt from the Louisiana Civil Code, Articles 98-105.


  1. owe
  2. assume
  3. exercise
  4. assume
  5. terminates
  6. granted
  7. living
  8. filed
  9. committed
  10. committed
  11. sentenced
  12. extinguished
  13. request