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ikona16 17 marca 2020 (10-17) - Warszawa (BUW)  

Exercise 1 – BANKRUPTCY – TRUSTEE (level: Upper-intermediate)

Find synonyms of the following terms in the source text below:

  • inappropriate
  • evidence
  • say no (x 2)
  • beginning
  • provide
  • quickly and efficiently
  • appointed
  • expedient
  • inflows
  • expenses
  • responsible for

SOURCE TEXT (US Code Title 11 §704):

The trustee shall--

(1) collect and reduce to money the property of the estate for which such trustee serves, and close such estate as expeditiously as is compatible with the best interests of parties in interest;

(2) be accountable for all property received; (...)

(4) investigate the financial affairs of the debtor;

(5) if a purpose would be served, examine proofs of claims and object to the allowance of any claim that is improper;

(6) if advisable, oppose the discharge of the debtor;

(7) unless the court orders otherwise, furnish such information concerning the estate and the estate's administration as is requested by a party in interest;

(8) if the business of the debtor is authorized to be operated, file with the court, with the United States trustee, and with any governmental unit charged with responsibility for collection or determination of any tax arising out of such operation, periodic reports and summaries of the operation of such business, including a statement of receipts and disbursements, and such other information as the United States trustee or the court requires; (...)

(11) if, at the time of the commencement of the case, the debtor (or any entity designated by the debtor) served as the administrator (as defined in section 3 of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) of an employee benefit plan, continue to perform the obligations required of the administrator; (...)


  • inappropriate - improper
  • evidence - proof
  • say no - oppose, object
  • beginning - commencement
  • provide - furnish
  • quickly and efficiently - expeditiously
  • appointed - designated
  • expedient - advisable
  • inflows - receipts
  • expenses - disbursements
  • responsible for - accountable for

    Materiał opracowany przez Szkołę Legal English "Transkrypt"